Castillo – Morales Orofacial Therapy

The Castillo Morales oral stimulation therapy improves the orofacial pathology, especially serious oral hypo- and hyperactives ( in the oral cavity, with tongue protrusion, hypersalivation, eating disorders, etc.), of children with cerebral palsy and Down Syndrom at the earliest possible time. The orofacial therapy concept is based on the reactions of the muscles engaged in the speech process resulting from an adopted therapy manipulation. This form of manipulation allows for a normalizations in the tension of the above- mentioned muscle groups and in so doing coordinate the speech processes through breathing.

This is an important form of rehabilitation for infants, children and adults suffering from the genetic and neurological problem or other damage.

Techniques of vibrational massage are used during exercises which prevent the development of orofacial and speech organ pathology.


dr Anna Regner