Ph. D. Anna Regner

dr Anna Regner

„Moją misją jest wspieranie i wspomaganie w trudnym procesie rehabilitacyjnym związanym z odzyskiwaniem utraconych funkcji na skutek wad genetycznych, zaburzeń układu nerwowego oraz uszkodzeń i urazów po wypadkach.”

~ Anna Regner

Profesional Activity

Ph. D. Anna Regner

Anna Regner is a lecturer at the Postgraduate Studies of Speech Language Pathology at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Medical University of Wroclaw.
For fifteen years she was the head of Postgraduate Early Intervention Studies at the University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw.

She has had numerous courses and trainings in the field of sensory integration, infant massage, Castillo Morales’ oral facial therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, Emmett Techniques pain relief and others.

She has been participating in scientific conferences and international events for many years in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

She is a member of the Castillo Morales Association.

Therapeutic programs

Anna Regner uses an individual therapeutic program based on many remedial methods, primarily on Orofacial Castillo Morales therapy, neurosensomotor integration, craniosacral therapy and infant massage, an effective neuromuscular tension and pain release method from Ross Emmett.

The program is meant for babies, children and adults with medical conditions such as: Muscular hypotonic, hypertonic e.g., as in the case of Down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and other problems. Orofacial disorders, e.g., as in the case of neurological disturbances, facial paralyses, Autism, Moebius Syndrome, Pierre Robin syndrome and lip, jaw and palatal clefts. Central-motor disorders and multiple disabilities, e.g., as in the case of cerebral palsy and skull-brain trauma, neuromuscular disorder and face asymmetry.

The therapy is oriented towards the stimulation of: sensory- motor integration, muscle tension regulation, swallowing, chewing, mastication, to reduce drooling, to improve lip closure, to improve tongue lateralization strength, to increase symmetrical jaw stability, to improve facial muscle strengthening exercises, to encourage nose breathing, neuromotor face trigger points activated through tactile stimulation, facial massage using vibration and intraoral stimulation, speech development. Oral- Motor Exercises is effective for clients of all ages and ability levels.


Szczecin University, Doctors Degree, Ph.D. (2004)
“The Level of Communication Competence in Mild Mentally Disabled Children within the Integrated Education Environment”, Poland.
Wrocław University, received a Master's Degree, MA (1975-1979)
“The Effects of Hypotonic Muscle Tension on Speech Development in Six-Year-Old Children”, Poland.
Lublin University, Post Graduate Studies, a certified Speech Therapist, (1981-1983)
Higher Humanistic School TWP, Szczecin, Post Graduate Studies, (1999- 2000)
Occupational therapist, “Diagnosis and therapy of children with special needs”, Poland.
International<br /> Certification in The Castillo Morales Neurophysiological Method, Berlin and Munich, Germany, (1997- 1999)
Therapy focused on correcting the orofacial and body muscle tension, with special attention to infants and children who face genetic and neurological problems.
International Teacher’s Diploma, Case Study 2005, London, UK
Certification in Peter Walker’s techniques of developmental baby massage and soft gymnastics.
Therapist of Craniosaral biodynamic, Wrocław 2012-2014
Craniosacral therapy (CST) involves light holding of the skull and sacrum and barely detectable movements.
Therapist of Emmett Technique, Wrocław, 2013-2017

Emmett Technique is an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement, restore a positive emotional state and improve the quality of life.

n. This course prepared me to work with infants and children who are disabled.

Forms to improve professional activity

Specialist training on the subject “ Diagnosis and therapy of Aphasia”

Rehabilitation Center in Repty Sląskie –Poland, 13-15.12.1993.

Specialist training on the subject “ The Disabled Person in Europe”

in the International Training Centre in Sonnenberg- German, 4-5.05.1997.

Specialist training on subject “ Integration Education and Instruction”

Center for the Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance, Warsaw 25-26.02.1998.

Course in neurological therapy on the subject “Orofacial Regulating Therapy”

Centre in Munich and Berlin, 26 .10. 1998 – 13.11.1998 (I) 29.03.1999 – 16.04.1999 (II).

Course in the Sensory Integration Method

organized by the Wroclaw University, 24-28.09. 2000.

Training organized by Frank Mahony International Institute in London

focused on the integration between senses, the spastic muscle, International Institute Center of Kinesiology in Warsaw, 16-18.02.2001 (Masgutowa)

Course on the Educational Kinesiology for Children with Speech Disorders

International Institute Center of Kinesiology in Warsaw, 28.06.- 30.06.2001.(I) Masgutowa

„Słowa nie powinny być większe od czynów.”

~ Henryk Sienkiewicz

Course on the Andre Peto method of Multidirectional improvement in children with Cerebral Palsy

at the Warsaw Children’s Health Centre, 18.06. – 21.06. 2001.

Course on the subject “My Language- My World”

Educational and Developmental Kinesiology for Children with Speech Development Challenges, “Ascension” Private Educational Institute of Psychological and Edu –K Assistance, 14.04. – 16.04. 2002.(II) Masgutowa

Training in the French Speech Therapy Methods with Mentally Disabled Children

at the Health and Research Institute in Paris, 27.04. – 3.05. 2002.

Course Peter Walker’s Baby Massage Teacher Training

Case Study 2005,UK Londyn 30,31.07- 1.08. 2005.

Course on the subject Brain Gym

organized by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Warsaw, 26.11.2006

Course Basis of the Method and Learning of Physical Exercises from Padovan Method of Neurofunctional Reorganization

on the 29 to 31 of November 2011, Wrocław.

Course Craniosacral Therapy

Module I. 23-26.October 2012, Module II. 30 November – 2nd December 2012, Module III. 8-10. March 2013, Module IV. 21-22 September 2013, Module V. 31.March. -02.April. 2014, Module VI. 28.June. 29. June. 2014.

Emmett Therapies – an effective  muscle tension and pain release method from Ross Emmett. Completed the following Modules 1 to 6, Wrocław

Emmett Therapies – an effective  muscle tension and pain release method from Ross Emmett. Completed the following Modules 1 to 6, Wrocław Date of Course: Basis of the Method issued on the 24th day of October 2012, Module 1&2, Date of Course27th and 28th of April 2013, Module 3, Date of Course 20th and 21st of July 2013, Module 4, Date of Course 14th and 15th December 2013,Module 5,  Date of Course 5th and 6th of July 2014, Module 6, Date 29th to 30th November 2014, Emmett Professional Course 1, Date 04th to 5th July 2015.

dr Anna Regner