Workshop Baby Massage

The course ends with an international certificate of a baby massage therapist.

Date: 23th -25th October 2020
Time: 10.00 am until 4.00 pm
Place: Wrocław/Poland
Price: 350 Pounds

Anna Regner:
Piotr Regner:
Cell Phone: +48 600394932

Peter Walker is widely respected and well known as a teacher of Developmental Baby Massage.

Peter has over 40 years experience In giving mother and baby massagegroups.

His certificated teacher training courses for Developmental Baby Massage are enjoyed by health visitors, nursery nurses, midwives, massage, occupational therapists, and many other therapists working with mothers and babies.

These teacher training courses attract professionals from all around the World. Peter Works In the UK, Europe, South America, Portugal, Japan, Indonesia.

Peter Walker course covers Touch, Massage and Movement from the early days following birth, up to mobility Certificated teacher training for all those working
in this area with mothers and babies.

It includes

  1. Touch and Emotional Intelligence, Mother and Child Bonding and Attachment.
  2. The Baby Brain and the Enteric Nervous System, Tranquillity / Trauma / Temperaments and Disposition
  3. Locomotor Development / Massage and Movement
  4. Early Interventions for Developmental Delay
dr Anna Regner