Neurosensory Rehabilitation Camp Children With Challenges

Place and date

Dear Participants place and date of the Camps to be agreed with the organizer directly.

Organizer: Yonie Bonawi

About the Camp

The Neuro Sensory Rehabilitation Camp is a comprehensive 4-day programme for children with disabilities. Each child will participate in 4 or 5 hours of curriculum by a different therapist every day. This camp is only available 4 x a year and limited to 8 participants each time. The camp will be held in a beautiful resort in Indonesia, Malesia, Singapore, Poland or other country.

The programme offers specialised therapy activities to improve cognitive, communication, physical and social deficits, and to promote the individual’s independence and possibilities. A team of holistic therapists will work together to provide customised, outcome-oriented intervention for each child.

Evaluation on the first day of camp is done by the interdisciplinary treatment team. Based on their findings, a customised treatment plan will be developed and may incorporate a variety of specialised therapies. Each specialist is an expert in a specific area of neuro sensory rehabilitation.

Our mission is to render high quality interdisciplinary approach in our rehabilitation services to assist the children in reaching their highest level of independence and functioning in their daily lives. We aim to achieve this mission by:

  • Providing a holistic approach upon addressing cognitive, psychosocial and sensorimotor issues;
  • Providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation process;
  • Involving participants and family members throughout the process;
  • Empowering family to be equipped with strategies to continue the practices  independently at home;

Who can benefits from this Camp

  • Providing a holistic approach upon addressing cognitive, psychosocial and sensorimotor issues;
  • Providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation process;
  • Involving participants and family members throughout the process;
  • Empowering family to be equipped with strategies to continue the practices  independently at home;
  • Children with Brain injury with various impairments affecting systems of the body;
  • Medical issues;
  • Cognitive difficulties such as problems with memory, judgment and concentration;
  • Psychological issues such as limited insight and social skills;
  • Perceptual problems such as vision or hearing;
  • Physical impairments such as motor, balance, coordination and sensory deficits;

Participating Fee

The Neuro Sensory Rehabilitation Camp is a comprehensive 4-day programme for children with disabilities. Each child will participate in 4 or 5 hours of curriculum by a different therapist every day.

If your child has challenged lifting their arms or using their finger to move object and pointing, your child will be participating with 4 sessions or 4 hours each day.

Child who are above 3yrs old and can pick up objects and pointing will be participating 5 sessions or 5 hours each day.

The cost fee will be SGD2400 for 4 sessions and SGD3000 for the 5 sessions. The fee only covers the therapy sessions for 4days. Flights, accommodations and meals are not included. A deposit of SGD 500 is needed to secure your child place for the camp. There will be no refunds unless there are replacement.

Accommodation, meal and local transportation can be arranged and provided for a fee. Do let us know if you need the arrangement.

Each child will be given a booklet which have the detailed scheduled for the 4 days camp. Your child will be given morning or afternoon session slots depending on what works best for your child which we deem suitable. We will only take case by case for request to change the slot timing.

It is very important that during the session, one of the parents should be accompanying the child all the time. Parents or closed healthy family members should be available at all time. We will not allow helper/ nanny/ maid to be the only adult that will be accompanying the child during session.

Introducing The A-Team

Yonie Bonawi

Yonie Bonawi, founder of Therapies R Us, is a certified body work therapist with more than 15 years of experience in traditional and holistic healthcare. She provides free therapy for disadvantaged children in Asia and actively teaches families how they can help their children. Her passion in helping the special needs children has earned her the Spirit of Young Living’s Foundation honourable mention award at the International Convention 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Yonie’s daughter, now 19 years old, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2003.
Her unwavering efforts to help her child brought her to USA where she was eventually certified as Associate 2 Masgutova Method MNRI USA. She also worked at the Neurosensory Camp for Children with Challenges in Canada, USA and Poland. She continued to study at the Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology (INPP) in the United Kingdom to be certified as a Neuro Developmental Therapist.

Yonie’s experiences with special needs children inspired her to learn more and she pursued a diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). Her passion in healing through touch led her to find her own practice, Therapies R Us. She actively teaches sensory integration -tactile system and sensorial motor orofacial workshop for parents in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and India. Her expertise is extremely valued in the region and she was featured in the Malaysian and Brunei media to share her views and knowledge on helping special needs children and essential oils.

Yonie combines her experiences from her training over the years and uses them synergistically to bring healing to people of all ages and all walks of life. She specialises in using a multi-modalities approach to promote harmony, physical and emotional well-being in all her clients. Her other therapeutic modalities include:

  • Brain Gym Consultant
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner 
  • Certified Level 6 Emmett 
  • Neurosensory Orofacial Therapist 
  • Certified Level 1 & 2 Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute) 
  • Certified Tom Bowen 101 
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapist 
  • Certified Brain Therapist by Chikly Institute

Olivier Langoisseux

Olivier Langoisseux is the co-founder of Yinergies, a collective of multi-modality therapies in Asia and Europe. He travels extensively to South America and Asia as an expert livelihood consultant for community development.

Seven years ago, he suffered a serious spinal injury, causing him to become paralysed from the waist down. During his hospitalisation, doctors predicted the loss of mobility in his legs. He received his first session of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) on the hospital bed and it changed his life forever. “I could feel each vertebra in my spine adjusting and all the cells in my body rejuvenating. After the session, I felt almost strong enough to do a backflip!” It was the beginning of a new shift in his life.

During one of the sessions, he became enlightened to the Essence of Craniosacral that sparked his journey to become a certified BCST practitioner from the Body Intelligence Institute. In addition to rigorous yoga practices, he eventually had a full recovery for his spine and is now a certified yoga instructor.

Olivier works mostly with special needs children throughout Asia. He is also certified in the following:

  • Neural Manipulation from Barral Institute: Peripheral Nerve Manipulation Upper Body (NM2)
  • Viceral Manipulation from Barral Institute: Visceral Cavity and Pelvic (VM3)
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy from Chikly Institute: Manual Drainage and Mapping (LDT2)
  • Touch for Health from International Kinesiology College: Balancing• Touch for Health from International Kinesiology College: BalancingMeridian Through 42 Muscles Correction (THF4)
  • Jin Sin Jyutsu (JSJ) 

KC Soo

KC Soo found his true calling 11 years ago when he started his practice of teaching special needs children. He specialises in enhancing the learning potential of these children by using the Meditated Learning Experience (MLE) methodology. Currently, he attends to children in Petaling Jaya, Singapore, Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya.

The MLE methodology was founded by Professor Reuvan Feuertstein. It is an optimistic therapy based on the fact that a child’s or an adult’s brain can change regardless of age or condition. It was first used to treat children traumatised by the Holocaust after World War Il. It is one of the earliest learning methodologies for children and the most well-researched, with hundreds of research papers on it.

KC works with children of various ages and conditions. He has worked with babies, young children and teenagers as well as adults. They are diagnosed with conditions such as autism, ADD, ADHD, GDD, PDD-NOS, Down syndrome and dyslexia. KC is one of the few therapists in Malaysia who treats children with Asperger syndrome.

KC goes by the methodology motto, you love me, don’t accept me as I am. He wants to push his students to be better selves. He guides them to learn independently, to explore more of their senses as they learn, and to discover their own creations, He usually works with them on a one-on-one basis. A combination of pens and papers, exercises, dialogues, board games, IQ puzzles and iPad games are used in his sessions. In specific, KC teaches them to pay attention to their actions, to learn how to gather data systematically, to improve on their eye focus, to improve their working and auditory memories, to control their impulsivity and to learn directly from their own experiences.

Manoharan Ramasamy

Mr Manoharan Ramasamy, fondly known as Mr Mano, started as an Assistant Physiotherapist at Spastic Centre’s Special Needs unit in 1988. It was that very year when he started the National Cerebral Palsy Symposium and Asia Pacific Symposium with his friends. They also started the Ex-Pupil Association of Spastic Kids and organised a lot of activities for them such as campfires, bungalow stay, trips to other Malaysian states and festival celebrations.

The following year, he went to India to volunteer at Mother Theresa Home. There, he helped children with mental retardation as a physiotherapist and special education teacher. During his stint there, he also took on multiple roles such as attendant, cleaner and painter. In 1990, he joined the pioneer batch at Kasturba Medical College (KMC) to study speech and language therapy. This was where he saw cochlear implant operation was done and learnt the ways to handle children with Cl.

From 1996 to 1999, he trained children and teachers at the Sungai Petani Persatuan Kanak-kanak Khas before starting his career as a freelance therapist there. During that period, speech therapy is still a relatively unknown field. His first student then was a severe hypotonic girl with feeding problem. Thanks to her, Mr Mano gained experience on the steps of proper feeding therapy.

Between 2002 and 2008, Mr Mano trained teachers and students at Autism Centre in Butterworth, Malaysia, and also embarked on new challenges in the autism field. Over time, his expertise and recommendations from parents led Mr Mano to become well-known in the cerebral palsy circle. It was then when he realised his true calling – to help children with special needs.

Presently he is pursuing The Anat Baniel Method in USA.

Anna Regner

Anna Regner has plenty of experiences and credentials under her belt. She is a certified speech pathologist for infants, children and adults with special needs. She is also a certified oro-facial (Castillo Morales Method) and craniosacral therapist as well as an instructor of Pater Walker Baby Massage and Movement.

These are her other qualifications:

  • Senior Supervisor and Lecturer at The Medical University of  Wroclaw, Poland
  • Senior Supervisor and Lecturer at The Medical University of  Wroclaw, Poland
  • Supervisor and Lecturer of post-graduate studies, ‘Early Intervention and Assistance in the Development of Young Children’, Higher School Education in Wroclaw, Poland
  • International Trainer and Organiser of workshop for speech therapists, physiotherapists, paediatricians, psychologists and parents using neurosensophysologic methods (Poland, Vancouver, Kelowna, California, Minneapolis, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and  Norway).

Dorota Regner

Dorota Regner works at Jan Mikulicz-Radecki University Teaching Hospital’s Neurological Unit in Wroclaw, Poland, as well as at The Medical University of Wroclaw.

During this time, she is also progressing with her doctoral studies. Dorota graduated as a clinical speech therapist from The Medical University of Wroclaw and she has also studied as a nurse.

In her work with patients, she uses elements of world’s leading therapeutic methods, among which can be distinguished – Castillo Morales methods, Sensory Integration, PNF and EMM-Tech. Her main areas of interest are muscular tension disorders in the orofacial region and dysfunctions associated with these disorders.

Muhammad Sufi

Muhammad Sufi started in the health and fitness industry at the age of 17 when he received his first certification on EMMTech (Easy Muscle Management). With this set of skills and knowledge that is tailored to ease pain and discomfort quickly and effectively, he started to help numerous people and conduct one-onone therapy sessions. Sufi grows up in a family that uses a holistic approach for health and wellness, and it has become part of his lifestyle.

Sufi graduated with a Diploma in Health Management Promotion and Higher Nitec in Sports Management. He is also a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine who constantly learns and explores other modalities to help his clients achieve their highest potential. He also specialises in postural alignment and myofascial release.

Sports injuries are nothing new to him as he himself is an athlete who actively participates in sports such as boxing, soccer, rugby and track and field. He has helped many athletes and non-athletes in achieving their health and fimess goals through his trainings and rehabilitation. Sufi is also certified in Emmett Technique levels 1-3, visceral manipulation levels 1-3 from Barral Institute and craniosacral therapy from Upledger Institute.

dr Anna Regner