Dr. med. Castillo-Morales describes the chain of muscles connecting the entire body. Our oral-facial complex depends on the shoulder and hip joints and their alignment with the rest of the body.

If there is a problem in the nervous system, the body alignment and muscle tension will be skewed (asymmetrical) and will affect the oral-facial area.

Because receptors in the feet are connected with the receptors in the oral facial area – and in the whole body – we can therefore stimulate the feet in order to correct alignment and muscle tension problems through neuro-sensor-motorical movement.

Reflexology is a method of treatment that activates parts of the entire body by pressing specific points on the feet.

These points are connected through the nervous system to the entire body, including not only muscles and joints, but also internal organs.

Through massage, we can stimulate both blood circulation and the entire nervous system. Foot massage also relaxes the whole body, and can help to alleviate, for instance, problems with the vertebrae, lumbago, arthritis, contusions in the neck vertebrae, and osteoporosis.

dr Anna Regner